Tips Choosing A Web Hosting Company

Managing a business is not an easy task to manipulate. One should be careful while dealing with it, if it has to be a stepping stone to success. Fortunately todays’ technology is fast growing and is sufficient to provide help by all means – one of the biggest being ‘web hosting’. It is an easy means to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. By this all the data related to the company can be put on a server.Nowadays there are several web hosting companies which make it difficult to choose from. There are commercial as well as free web hosting companies. One has to keep in mind a few things while choosing a web host and the most important being disc Space/domain Space, uptime, bandwidth, control panel and support.Disc space/domain spaceTo start with, this has to be given foremost consideration. For this you should have a clear idea of your needs such as hosting one website or many and the size of files to be chosen. A normal website could work with 50MB space and if the file size goes large it is advisable to have a minimum 100MB space.BandwidthIt is always better to start with a small bandwidth as the popularity of your site should be analyzed first. Most new sites prefer to start with a 3GB or less per month. As the site gains popularity and traffic goes high you can make use of additional bandwidth considering the needs and charge for additional bandwidth. It is better not to choose for unlimited bandwidth as it may cost beyond the expectations and also check for the traffic offered.The uptime is an important term associated with a web host. It refers to the functioning time or duration of the web host. A minimum 99% uptime has to be guaranteed by a web host. If it goes below this, the host should offer a refund or discount.Control panelManaging the web account is made possible by the control panel. It is easy to manage the account as this is a place where you could add or delete accounts, view visitor statistics and can make any changes to your website.A phone support is most desirable in case where you can have someone to be consulted in case of any problem. The problem will mostly be with your computer.Payment plansThe payment plan for a web host can be monthly, quarterly or annual. It is better to opt for monthly plans as it would be easier to analyze the reliability of the plan and switch to a better plan if necessary.Choosing a web hosting company won’t end up by considering the above factors. But once if you take care of all the above it can provide you with a good starting.

Things You Need to Know About Your European Web Hosting Company

Nowadays, hundreds if not thousands of websites and web pages are created each day. This has resulted to the mushrooming of more and more web hosting companies that offer to provide space for websites whether it is the entrepreneurial or personal kind. With too many choices to choose from, you should be able to dissect and select from among the numerous hosting providers, the one that is right for you.Europe’s PromiseEven if the European market is perceived to be quite backward when it comes to internet technologies and internet applications, the fact remains that Europe is a highly desirable market to tap into. Even if percentages will tell you that Europe has less internet penetration than other continents, given the relatively big European population, the absolute numbers of people that correspond to the relatively small percentage of people who use the internet is still staggering.It comes as no surprise, therefore, that more and more businesses are setting their sights on Europe. If you wish to be part of this exodus to the European markets, then you will need to look for a European hosting company.Things to Look for in a European Web Hosting CompanyThe first thing that you need to know about a potential hosting company is the presence or absence of a trial-period or a money back guarantee. This is so you will have something of a fallback in case things go wrong. Most web hosting providers have a one month money back guarantee. One month is ample time for you to decide, based on the performance of the hosting company, whether the company is giving you your money’s worth. This trial period and money back guarantee ensures that you will incur no unnecessary expenses in your European market expansion.The second thing that you need to know is the kind of technical support that the web hosting company gives to clients like you. It is a given in Internet technology that problems will crop up that could disrupt your website from running smoothly. Know the customer support they give, the hours their phone lines are open to take in your call, and the number of days their technical support team is available. Check, too, if the customer service team speaks fluent English; you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of your support call time trying to bridge the language barrier instead of getting your concerns addressed.It is also important to note that some European hosting companies charge cheaply for their web hosting services but charge exorbitant amounts for technical support calls. It is therefore important to check how much getting support for your website will cost if you sign up with a European hosting provider.Another thing that you should definitely check is the type of web hosting provider your company is; that is, whether you are dealing with a web hosting reseller or a core web hosting provider. This is important in case you have issues with the hosting company’s servers. Resellers, since they are just middlemen, can usually provide only very limited technical support.